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"... Definitely not, I'm not one of those guys."

Abot JudahPress

Yet, Here. We. Are.

If we're being completely honest, we never thought we'd be wedding DJs! When first asked to DJ a friend's wedding years ago, the above quotation was our exact response. We always thought those guys were cheesy, weird, or unprofessional and quite frankly they often made the entire room feel awkward and forced. But we needed groceries so we said Yes and suddenly we found ourselves completely engulfed by a passion to DJ differently. We realized quickly that a DJ is responsible for more than just the music at your wedding. They are a host, a curator, and a friendly knowledgable face responsible for helping your wedding flow smoothly and seamlessly so you can enjoy more and stress less. If you do it right, you're hand-delivering one of the best memories of someone's life to them. We aren't rockstars. It's not a comedy tour. But we're really really fun, comfy on a microphone in public, and great at maximizing the fun for every single person in the room. This gift is ultimately why Judah Press Entertainment is a successful business for the better part of a decade. 

Make no mistake, we will *absolutely* throw you the party of your life, no doubt about it. That party is cultivated with no cookie-cutter playlists, tailored to your vision, enhanced by our experience, and worth the time and energy and money it took to get us all there. Simultaneously though, we help brides and grooms feel safe, secure, and supported on this incredibly special and full day. We are not a pain point, we remove those. There are tons of other amazing details for you to consider, this is one area where you can relax.


Our mission is to deliver to you and your families the memory of a lifetime and we know how to get there.


We love music.

We love people.

We love helping others have a good time.

That's why we do it. 

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