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Frequently Asked Questions 

Judah Press Entertainment was founded in 2011. We’ve been operating as a team of DJ’s since 2014.
How Long Have You Been In Business?
Currently, we've completed over 450 weddings and do around 75 events per year.
How Many Weddings Have You Done?
Absolutely. If a client is a good fit, we are happy to make the trip.
Do You Travel?
We are so glad you asked! When a bride & groom have chemistry with their vendors it’s a total game changer on their wedding day. Are you really fun? Do you want your friends and family to have a ton of fun? We are really fun. Our years of experience pays BIG TIME in keeping things flowing smoothly on the big day as well. Also, if you are crazy, please exit our page at this exact moment and God bless you and your fiancé 😂
What Makes JPE a Good Fit For My Wedding?
No. Your JPE DJ will only have your event on their mind. 
Do You Perform At More Than One Event In A Day?
Absolutely. If your DJ was unable to perform one of our other team members would be happy to fill in. Backups are a must and we've got them!
If The DJ For My Wedding is Unable to Perform, Do You Have a Backup Replacement ready?
At every JPE event, we custom build the playlists and vibes for the night with our clients. We work together to curate that vision. You don't have to click through 10000 songs on a website (THAT'S AWFUL) - we get to know you, send helpful questionnaires / resources and ask good questions!
What is the Music Selection Process Like?
Absolutely, we do but it's more than that! We want to dial this party into you and your fiancé's dream scenario. We want to know the songs that make you and your friends run to the dance floor. We want to know what your family sang around the kitchen table growing up. And more. Let's dream big, fam!
Do you take Requests?
We personally own over 15,000 songs from across different genres and are constantly making additions. We also make use of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music as well. JPE dj’s unashamedly chameleon themselves to your preferences while pulling on our own experience in hosting great events. We are going to work together as a team to build an experience that sounds and feels like you. 
How Extensive Is Your Music?
Professional, genuine, fun. Down-to-Earth. Comfortable with public speaking. Not seeking attention. Never- Cheesy, mechanical or forced or being "extra". 
How Would You Define Your Style When Making Announcements and Hosting?
We'd prefer that, actually.
Can We Give You a "Do Not Play" list?
Yes. We provide lapel or over the ear microphones for the officiant and wireless handheld microphones for any other speaking portions of the service.
Can You Provide Mics For Our Ceremony?

​​​No event is cookie cutter. We customize our proposals based on the needs of the event.

What About Pricing?

Your Move

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