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Allison & Aaron

Our budget was tight and we were hesitant to spend money on a DJ when we could just hire my Dad's friend to run the iPod. Same experience, right?


Judah Press Entertainment was EASILY the best money we spent on our entire wedding. We have been (seriously) raving about them and begging our friends to use them since. They don't just control the music, they control the environment. We had over 350 guests and ALL of them (including the ones that hate dancing) were going crazy on the dance floor.

What I love most best about their services, however, is that Jesse was committed to protecting us as a couple. He instructed guests to give us 15 minutes to eat and stood as body guard, lovingly shooing people away so we could soak it all in. Then he helped us go visit with the elderly, families with kids, and needy guests first so that when it was time to dance, everyone felt loved and no one was yanking us off the dance floor.

One zillion raving recommendations for Judah Press Entertainment. (Ps- If this was helpful, thank me by inviting Aaron and I to your reception. We won't eat anything but would pay money to attend a Judah Press party again.)

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